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Working with social projects and nonprofits

About Us

We help nonprofits gain support of donors, interest of partners, trust of founders, and media attention. We redesigned the news agency, upgraded the fundraising platform, created websites for professional events, charity fairs, online maps and for grant programs.


Anna Ladoshkina Bureau - Our approach
Anna Ladoshkina Bureau - Our approach
Anna Ladoshkina Bureau - Our approach

Anna Ladoshkina

Web designer and developer, expert in web technologies for the nonprofit sector. Developed the interactive system of audit for NGOs website, that allowed to study and to summarize the experience of 700 organizations. In the course of cooperation with Teplitsa. Technology for social good led the development of fundraising tools fot nonprofit. An active participant of open source community and author of articles and talks for developers.

Our approach

We approach individually to each project. We do not offer standard solutions. Instead we dive into the scope of the problem together with client and help them to understand user need better.

We plan content and create unique design, together these components solve problems of client - attract people and money. The project not only becomes noticeable, but works for a long time without losing relevance.

We constantly develop our technologies. Our sites load faster and work for users on any device. Our customers don’t need to be technical experts to ensure website remains current. They can manage publications themselves after launch.

Member of Paseka programm

The program of recommendations of web studios, agencies, companies and independent professionals interested in working with non-profit organizations and social projects.

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