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Redesign and relaunch

Agency for Social Information

Case details

The only news agency for social subjects in Russia. 50 original articles per day. Redesign, adaptation for mobile devices and restarting of editorial process. Introduction of modern news management practices.


Agency for Social Information performs as a leading expert organization in the Russian nonprofit sector and professional news agency specializing in coverage of civil initiatives. On daily basis it publishes news, announcements and articles, provided by users, the website contains information on 5000 non-profit organizations and covers events in 400 cities of Russia.


The previous website’s version was launched 3 years ago. Since then, the informational architecture of the site should be updated and new formats of publishing should be introduced. The website needed to be optimized for mobile audience and page loading times should be reduced - 30% of new visits came from mobile devices.

Agency for Social Information - Demo


We created the new visual style to enhance the readability of materials. Developed a system of adaptive templates that allowed us to enhance the structure of sections, create unique space for each city and represent the catalogue of NGOs more clearly.

Introduced the recommendation system. Added support for structural markup and AMP to improve search visibility of the website. The project was made in the team of Teplitsa. Technologies for social good.

Agency for Social Information - Demo
Agency for Social Information - Demo
Agency for Social Information - Demo
Agency for Social Information - Demo

Under the hood

Moved 40,000 content items to new platform, optimized 100 000 images, responsive images, renovated frontend - Gulp + SASS, asynchronous tasks for parallel processes, the system for statistics editors.

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Agency for Social Information - Demo