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Fundrising upgrade

Case details

The largest online charity portal in Russia. 3 million rubles of donations monthly. Integrated WordPress, completely rebuilt the online fundraising system and increased the campaigns completion rate.

Context works as online representation of the Orthodox service "Mercy", one of the oldest charity media in Russia. Daily the portal publishes news of charity, carefully selected request for help and subscriptions to own ongoing programs. Readers of the website make at least 100 donations per day.


The previous website’s version used an outdated content management system that not allowed to automate the fundraising. Donations were updated manually, there was no mechanism to handle completed requests. Payment form was not user-friendly - donors often abandoned a donation. - Demo


Recreated the user experience of donor and fundraiser in closed collaboration with the client's team. Simplified the donation process and helped to design new donation forms. Migrate the whole website, its content and services on WordPress.

Developed a new template system, integrated payment module supporting 6 payment methods. Automated donations notifications and customized the admin interface for editors. - Demo - Demo - Demo

Under the hood

Custom WordPress development including recommendations system, fundraising module and tuned editing interface. Automated notifications for donors and fundraisers, reports on donations, the progress of the collection in real time

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