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Design and development

Party of Growth. Moscow office

Case details

The Party of Growth represents the interests of entrepreneurs and businesses throughout Russia. The basis of its political program is the economic agenda and protection of the interests of entrepreneurs. Regional branches of the party operate in all federal districts and attract active people to work.


The Moscow branch of the Party of Growth works with representatives of Moscow business and the corporate environment. Organizes events and meetings of various levels. The projects of the department are aimed at protecting business and supporting public control over the work of city authorities. The press office of the department publishes news, announcements, interviews with entrepreneurs and opinions of experts - members of the party, on actual economic and city issues.


The Moscow branch of the Party of Growth published its information on the main party website in its own section. The site was loaded for a long time, and the materials were mixed with federal messages, not allowing to get an idea about the work of the department, its events and projects. This made it difficult to work with the press and activists. The site had to be brought closer to the habits and presentation of the audience about design, to create the impression of a comfortable and authoritative resource.

Party of Growth. Moscow office - Demo


We analyzed the sites of major political parties from 20 countries. Developed a new visual concept of the site with aligned with the brand of the party. Implemented a system of adaptive templates, allowing readers to focus on issues that are relevant at current time, topics and promotions. Developed a simple system of banners for the presentation of projects and calls to action. Invented and implemented the mechanism of "sliding" pages for viewing of program documents.

Party of Growth. Moscow office - Demo
Party of Growth. Moscow office - Demo
Party of Growth. Moscow office - Demo
Party of Growth. Moscow office - Demo

Under the hood

We collected and transferred materials to a new structure, set up the publishing process, reimplement the tag system. Conducted training for editors. We debugged the site's protection and acceleration system after migration to hosting. Contact forms have been brought into line with the new requirements for the protection of personal data. The entire process from the idea to the launch took a month and a half, thanks to the project team for fast communication and decision-making.

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Party of Growth. Moscow office - Demo