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Online cinema for visually disabled people

Public organizaton SVET

Case details

Online access to movies with special descriptive technology for visually impaired people, compatibilty with WCAG 2.0 specification, universal design.


Public organization SVET (Light) works as a supporting group for 100 blind and visually impaired people. It established a unique laboratory producing films with descriptive technology, accessible for visually impaired viewers, thanks to a special sound track. SVET regularly organizes movie shows for own members, but online those movies could be available for broader audience.


The organization did not ever have a website. Its members themselves did not believe that the website may be suitable for independent use by visually impaired people. The accessibility became the top priority of the project. Editorial team did not have any experience in web publishing so that admin interface had to be clear and simple.

Public organizaton SVET - Demo


Created a website based on universal design principles and standards-compliant WCAG 2.0. Tested with visually impaired users. Organized access to movies. Simplified administration interface and add manual for editors. The project was made in the team of Teplitsa. Technologies for social good.

Public organizaton SVET - Demo
Public organizaton SVET - Demo
Public organizaton SVET - Demo

Under the hood

Custom WordPress development prioritized the accessibility. Along the way, tested the accessibility of WordPress admin interface. Used the guidelines and recommendations of leading experts on accessibility.

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