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21.04.2017 | Moscow

Website for social or nonprofit project. Quick start

Accelerator of Blagosphere. Gave a talk for participants of the program Accelerator of Blagosphere. Discussed important stages of the creation of the website and compiled a practical plan of actions for the teams.

The main task of the social project site at the beginning is to start working as early as possible. To solve it we going to use the Tilda site builder and a step-by-step plan for the homepage.

Determine the composition of information, place the necessary blocks, select the design. Particular attention is paid to images, living, real, revealing the specifics of the organization.

Do not forget about the basement of the site with contacts and official information. We look throught successful examples and test our own materials with colleagues.

Slide of presentation

Slide from the presentation. Example of DistincTec project site </ em>

Everything looks simple and clear at the schemes, but our participants have two weeks to turn them into reality.