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24.05.2017 | Moscow

Efficient musums website in 2017

Incredible museums. Talked at the seminar for the winners of the Museum Guide competition grant program of the V. Potanin Foundation. Discussed successful cases of redesigning museum websites, new trends and approaches to their development.

How to frame the task of developing a museum website not for pro forma, but so that it helps the project? How to collect and design content? What new approaches and trends make the website of the museum interesting and in demand?

Slide fromt the presentaton

Discussing these issues, we come to the understanding that the museum’s modern website is focused primarily on providing information to mobile users, planning a visit to the museum or wishing to study its online funds. Other new approaches, outside of this basic function, are formed by the transformation of the museum’s role in the information space.

The site becomes an integral part of the user experience of interaction with the museum, research and data of museum collections become the basis of services working with open APIs, virtual solutions allow you to get better acquainted with museums that are remote territorially.

Here and now, to each of the new projects of the winners of the competition, we can apply something from the approaches, tested and implemented by the best online resources in this topic.

Slides: Efficient musums website in 2017 (PDF).